I. Administration and secretarial services to companies

Our mission is focused on supporting constituted companies and/or investees by CIMNE Tecnologia in the area of integrated management:

Economic – financial area

  • General Accounting and Cost Analysis
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements and annual reporting
  • Preparation and monitoring of monthly budget
  • Preparation and monitoring of monthly Cash Flow
  • Claims and settlement of Tax processing (VAT, Tax, etc.)
  • Billing control and monitoring
  • Development and maintenance of customers and suppliers databases
  • Archive of companies (Physical and digital)
  • Management and documentation processing for Financial Institutions
Human Resources area
  • Study and feasibility of recruitment
  • Management and payroll processing
  • Management and proceedings before the Social Security
  • Monthly reporting for personnel costs
Legal and Tax Area
  • Management and processing of documentation for the establishment of a company and/or participation
  • Management and monitoring implementation issues of tax benefits for companies
  • Presentation of the CC AA (financial statements) to the appropriate body
  • Management and processing of contracts and agreements with companies and individuals
Secretary area
  • CEO organization support
  • Preparation and monitoring the CEO meetings
  • Preparation and monitoring the Managing Director meetings
  • Event organization
  • File documentation address
  • Telephone calls support


II.  Project management services 

Our mission is focused on supporting constituted companies and/or investees by CIMNE Tecnologia in the area of R&D projects with public/private funding:

  • Provide support to entities and companies linked to CIMNE Tecnologia within the framework of R+D versus calls for public and/or private funding at regional (AGAUR, ACC10), national (MINECO, MINETUR, CDTI) and international (European Comission) level, seeking the most appropriate funding line in order to improve their competitiveness
  • Work closely with technical staff, researchers from proposal presentation until project's completion
  • Act as a liaison between researchers and different funding entities throughout all stages of aid processing. Being the main functions in this area:
    • elaboration of budgets
    • administrative and financial management
    • preparation and presentation of the justifications for economic support in a timely manner
    • monitoring the paperwork during the project
    • audit preparation
    • organizing meetings of consortia